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Atossa is standing in front of her throne, impatient for Democedes to arrive... finally he appears...

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Your Most Sublime Majesty!

Ahhh... slave where have you been?
I have been waiting for you to come...
waiting for what seems an eternity...

Yes Most Divine Majesty,
you are more Beautiful than ever,
I am here now, prostrate before you,
how shall I approach your majesty?

very cautiously...
GiGi is hungry for fresh meat,
and kiss my feet while you are at it...
mmmm that tickles...
The Goddess Aphrodite was here earlier. I captured her and stuck her in this old lamp, do you want to see her?

before Democedes could reply Atossa had touched the lamp and transformed herself into Aphrodite. Democedes was not watching as he was busy kissing Atossa's feet.

Enter Aphrodite:

HAHAHAHA Atossa thinks she can keep me in that silly lamp...
who is this slave before me?

I am Democedes, the faithful servant of Atossa the Divine Sultana.

You know some people (meaning Democedes) think that she is immortal but she is not! I am IMMORTAL! I am a Goddess!

How should I approach you Goddess Aphrodite?

Very cautiously... no man can resist me, they all fall in love with me, and then become my slaves...

but I am Atossa's slave.

Atossa? is she as beautiful as me??? I am 1000 times more desirable than her... look at my body!

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 I cannot look at you Goddess my eyes are where they belong fixed upon the ground.

Look at me! I command you, use your camera inspect all the details carefully, and then tell me if I am not the most wonderful woman you have ever seen... Now... do you not desire me?

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No Goddess, I am Atossa's slave, I cannot look, I can only serve her.

What? :(

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Exit Aphrodite, enter Atossa:

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HAHAHAHA that Aphrodite thinks she can keep me in that old lamp...
...ah here you are my slave, I hope you didn't look at that Goddess Aphrodite?

No your Divine Majesty I did not, she is not human, like you Majesty, she has no soul, only you are real and supremely beautiful! Did you hear what I said to her?

Yes I heard everything, I was stuck in the lamp :) 

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ATOSSA - Divine Sultana

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