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Ariel in the Sea of Life.

Ariel reclines in the Sea of Life, the waves of time distort her reflection. It is sunset, inbeween day and night, inbetween light and darkness, some might guess inbetween good and evil. She appears to be thinking about something, and she covers her breast, perhaps her prudent side, is warning her not to be too reckless. She is half submerged, perhaps she is also half human and half imaginary, half in and half out of the Sea of Life. Her face appears angelic, while her reflection is devilish, to her right we see the rich luxurient growth of abundance, to her left, the poverty of withered desert palms and barren rocks.  In life good and evil are ever present, Ariel prudenly covers herself, she knows that, an all seeing, all knowing, ever present God is looking down on her....

photographics by L A Miller

Ariel reflecting - Ariel's reflection.

photographics by L A Miller

Original Sin

photographics by L A Miller

Abundance - Poverty

Creation by Michelangelo

Good and bad in everything.

Photographics by L A Miller


Photographics by L. A. Miller

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